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Safety & Security Upgrade

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Calvary Chapel Des Moines recently undergone a major safety and security upgrade to ensure a safe and secure church on Sunday and all events.

Two-Way Radios

CCDM purchased six brand new handheld two-way radios for better communication between First Impressions and Children's Ministries for added safety and security.

The Cobra PX650 MicroTalk's features include:

  • Built-in belt clip that doesn't need to be removed.

  • Emergency Alert Button to alert all radios of something major like an active shooter in building.

  • Easy to use controls.

  • 22 Channels with preset privacy codes to block out noise from external transmissions.

  • Charging station and built in batteries that never need to be replaced.

Last week First Impressions Ministry tested them all over the building including outside. The reception and simplicity is outstanding. Earpieces will be purchased at a later date for Ushers and Greeters. Frank is presently testing them and will teach a training session in the near future.


CCDM also purchased a defibrillator to be used in an emergency when someone's heart has stopped beating. With easy to use controls and directions, it can be used by almost anyone to get heart arrhythmia back to normal until emergency services can arrive.


Like the defibrillator, time is precious and critical when someone is choking on something blocking an airway. Whether it is an adult, child, or toddler, we are prepared for that type of emergency.

Commercial grade first aid cabinet

Not only are we prepared for the big emergencies, but also small ones. We are pleased to report that we have a commercial grade first aid cabinet fully stocked with supplies that can be easily seen through the large serving window of the kitchen to the right of the refrigerator.

Hopefully, CCDM and those who attend will never need to use these items; but are available just in case they do. It is important not only that you are loved and shown kindness, but safe as well.

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