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How to Serve the Creation Booth at the Iowa State Fair

Each year at the Iowa State Fair, a group of volunteers gathers to share the gospel message through a booth in the Varied Industries Building. It is where I first heard the gospel over 20 years ago, and I wouldn't be where I am now without it. This is a great opportunity to reach unbelievers and encourage believers with 1.2 million people visiting the Iowa State Fair each year. Inside the air-conditioned Varied Industries Building, there is a 20 x 20-foot booth, open to aisles on both sides. The booth highlights a 10-foot scale-model of Noah's Ark with two O-scale trains running underneath to highlight the immense size of the ark. On each side of the booth there are tables and videos showing Creation Evangelism content and the gospel message. Three tables display tracts and other gospel materials to give away free to all visitors. Many kids love to come and get their dinosaur tattoo, stating that God made man and dinosaurs on day 6. To find us, it is located between the two large banners (100 and 200) near the main entrance on the North side of the building.

Three ways to serve

There are three ways to serve the "IowaGo!" creation booth at the Iowa State Fair.

Share the gospel at the booth and/or parade

Working at the booth is an amazing experience sharing the gospel with people who don't know Christ, as well as equipping saints for the work of the ministry. When you watch the spiritual eyes of people open right before you -- you witness miracles happen and you become an answer to prayers. To sign up for this experience, register at: and click the 2024 REGISTRATION FORM button. Here you answer some questions and sign up for time and day slots you are available to work.

Upon registration, you will be given a free Answers in Genesis Creation Apologetics online course ($29 value). When you show up for the event, you will also be given a free biblical evangelism book by Grace Mally ($14 value). These resources are indispensible when it comes to sharing your faith during and after the event.

Setup and teardown

Maybe sharing the gospel is not your thing, but you like to build things and are mechanically inclined. Well, you can still serve in this way by helping with the setup and teardown of the booth. It takes a good crew to put this all together to make this happen. If you are interested in doing this, contact Jon Neifert at: for more information.

Giving to the booth

Maybe none of these things interest you. Well, you can still give to this ministry monetarily. Each year it costs the ministry well over $25,000 for the 11-day event. With State Fair booth space rental, as well as insurance, purchase of all tracts, books, and other giveaway material, not to mention maintenance of the booth, ark, and their storage -- it all adds up.

2023 was the final year for Answers in Genesis financially backing the Creation Booth. This year, Jon Neifert of Tulip Gospel Outreach and the IowaGo! project, he takes on that burden himself. But he cannot do it alone. He needs help, and you can do that by visiting the donation page and designating your funds for IowaGo!

So, check out the website: Watch the videos, and read the articles to get a feel as to what it's like. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Sunday or contact me at: and I can answer them. Would love to see you there!

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