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Drake Relays Outreach: Friday, April 26, 2024


  • Date: Friday, April 26, 2024

  • Time: Frank will be there starting around 10am. The busiest time should be around noon.

  • Location: Drake Stadium, 2719 Forest Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50311

  • What we will be doing: Will be focusing on personal one-on-one evangelism. We may be passing out tracts to get us going, otherwise focusing on conversation.

  • How to contact me: Let me know if you are planning on coming by email at:, with your name, phone, e-mail. Text me at 515-371-2403 when you arrive and we will meet at the bulldog in front of Drake Stadium.

This is a great way to get your feet wet in one-on-one conversational evangelism. We will be focusing attention on how to strike up a conversation using tracts, visual cues, and so on. We will not be needing to purchase any tickets because I will be focused on the public streets around campus. I will not be going on to the campus across the street.

Parking can get really crazy today. I usually park on side streets near the event. I’ve walked as far as a mile sometimes. I usually park on 27th Street, and around side streets: Moyer, Witmer, College, and Meek. I’ve also had to park as far as 24th Street.

Extra credit: Monday, April 24th @6pm

In school, everyone liked and wanted extra credit. It was a time to catch up and make up for lost time. Monday, April 24th at 6pm, Jordan Creek Town Center is hosting a pole vault competition which may bring in a large crowd. I am considering checking that event as well and stir up some one-on-ones. More details to come with this. Let me know if you are planning to attend.

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