Building Maintenace Ministry
Being good stewards of our church facility.  Working to keep up the grounds and inside of our  facility to maintain a good environment for those who call this facility our home.

Heartland’s Helping Hands
Helping our friends and neighbors who are in need.  Bringing the good news of the Lord to people in their time of need.

Evangelism Ministry
Reaching out to the least and the lost with the only true message that can bring salvation to lives.  The message of the cross is still our number one priority and commission from Jesus our Lord.

Meals Ministry
Providing meals at a time of need for our friends and neighbors.  Giving a time of relief at times when struggling is difficult and to bring comfort to them by the love we share from the Lord.

Music Ministry
Corporate worship of our God is our hearts desire.  God created us to worship Him and a strong emphasis is placed in music in our services.  Allowing the Holy Spirit to bring each individual into a true time of worship of our God.

Usher/Greeter Ministry
Serving the body here at Calvary Chapel Des Moines by directing and assisting our congregation attending services.  A smile and a helping hand are the first impression visitors receive from  those members serving.